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Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Remote Control

The new Syma S107 is a three channel mini indoor co-axial helicopter. This model comes equipped with a high grade metal body frame and a built in Gyroscope which is used to stabilize the helicopter's heading.

White Wings AG Trainer Rubber Band Powered Plane

This rubber band powered replica of an SF.260 trainer plane requires no glue or tools and can be assembled in just about 5 minutes. It measures about 17 inches long and has a 19 inch wingspan.

BLADE mQX RTF Quadcopter

It's sleek. It is high-tech. It is an RC flying experience unlike any other. It is the fascinating Blade mQX; the world's first quad-copter equipped with the advanced AS3X (Artificial Stabilization in three Axis) System.

Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design

A comprehensive guide to designing radio control model airplanes. Andy Lennon presents a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the intriguing world of model aerodynamics. Whatever your modeling background, this book will be a valuable reference source in your R/C library and will never be outdated.

BLACK Wolf Super Model OX-Wolf R/c Helicopter

Mini Remote Control 3 Channel 2009 Black Ox-Wolf Super Model R/C Helicopter by Team RC- Amazing Flight control and speed! This is the Latest 2008/9 Black Wolf Super model R/C Helicopter. Flies stably and silently indoors and outdoors alike.

Rabu, 27 September 2017

Glossary of world aeromodelling terms

Source : aliexpress
A form of flying style. With special acrobatic flying characters that are generally below the stall speed. For example torque rolls, 'walk in the park', harriers, hangers, etc.

BC / Non-Ringed
Generally this term is heard in a nitro engine, ABC stands for A = Aluminum, B = Brass, C = chrome or Composite like Nickel
This engine uses an aluminum piston and a Liner Cylinder from Chrome or composite coated brass that makes the engine more efficient for high performance. This machine does not use piston rings and pistons with very tight cylinder liners. The latest ABC machines like JBA Engine, generally hard / heavy to play
As it’s by hand. Because it is very tight it is not recommended to rotate the ass machine by hand without any fuel coming in

Adjustable Travel Volume (ATV).
ATVs are used to set the maximum travel servo on each side of the servo's neutral point. Setting ATV is useful for servo moves according to the control we want that will affect the style of flying or style.

After Run Oil
Special lubricant in design to remove residual unburned fuel. Fuel can cause corrosion or rust in some parts of the machine. By using the after run oil, the remaining fuel is removed, and the machine parts give a new protective layer. Cheap way to take care of the machine and keep the machine running long.

The control surfaces on the rear end of the wing are used to turn in opposite motions (one up, one down). One aileron will push the air up and one aileron will push the air down. This will make the plane turn
Or do rolling motion, so if roll right, and then right aileron will go up.

Wings shape when viewed from the side. Usually shaped like water drops

Aircraft that can carry off or landing on land and in water,
With design like hull ship, or by using float. An amphibious plane can land on the water and then pull out the wheels to rise in the air.

Angle of Attack
The angle on the wings to split the air at the time of flight, the more the angle increases the more float but will result in obstacles at the speed of the plane in accordance with the angle used.

Figures, usually shown with units of square inches or feet to show the wingspan.

The term model, which shows under the model of the aircraft / helicopters is almost ready to fly, but still adds some more items to be ready to fly properly, such as engines etc.
The term ARF is now in use also on the electric plane, but in Indonesia the meaning is slightly different, where ARF electric in Indonesia means the electric aircraft is already included servo, motorcycle, esc, propeller or even battery and charger.

Imaginary lines where the body rotates to the left or right.

One that states the condition of the wheel of the plane, too loose to slip or too tight, and the result that it produces

Ball Link
The connector uses a sphere and a circular link that sills the ball, used to connect the servo to the controller of the driving surface such as rudder etc.

Base Load Antenna
Short antenna on the model, which is used to replace the long antenna model

Battery Eliminator Circuitry (BEC)
An electronic circuit used to lower the voltage (volt) to achieve the voltage required by the receiver. BEC is commonly used in electric RC, but is also now used on engine-powered RCs when using lithium batteries

This abbreviation shows the stance BALL BEARING on crankshaft RC machine. Ball bearings will make the machine more smooth and durable.

Something that happens when the servo works exceeds the strength of the circle or the circle is too long or short.

Blade Balancer
Also called "'prop balancer" on the plane. Used to see the balance of propeller or blade from side to side to eliminate vibration.

Blade Strike
A condition where propeller / blade hit another object. It looks like minimal damage, but the blade or propeller should be checked carefully and note the quality of its strength for flight safety, if unsure, better replaced.

Boring Holes in the Sky
Fly Fun on r / c plane regardless of pattern or flight path.

Buddy Box
2 the same transmitter is connected by a cable (trainer cord). This is very useful for learning to fly, or just the same plane has dual control. Instructor can immediately take control of the aircraft / heli with "trainer switch" on the transmitter.

CA (Abbreviation for "Cyanoacrylate")

Instant glue with some vikositas, (thin, medium, think and gel). This type of glue is suitable for balsa aircraft and other materials. CA has a stronger strength than Super Glue. But do not use on plane with foam material

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Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

RC Aeromodelling For Beginner

Here are tips for those of you pilot a beginner or you who are want to start the hobby RC aeromodelling please read the tips and hopefully can help you.

Aircraft type
Start with an inexpensive foam plane with a wingspan of about 60cm-100cm with a motor model of the pusher above the fuselage and wings are position the top (glider). Wing aircraft fuselage above position will be more easily controlled than the air under the wing or the middle (because it does not choose the best acrobatic wing above). Air that is too small is not good to be the best to learn as easily shifted by the wind but the planes are too big is not good because of the momentum generated when it crashed could result in considerable damage and the plane with the motor in front is vulnerable to damage the motor or shaft, remember you learn ... the best you can be sure will fall.

Start with 3-channel, aileron usage can sometimes be confusing for beginners due to its role as well as the combination with elevators. You can start with the aircraft as windragon which provides functions 3 and 4 channels. (3 air channel spin direction by relying rudder). But if you are good enough to use 4 channels in the simulator, you can skip this step.

Avoid using digital transmitter that is too complicated as Turnig 9X or Fly sky 9x, this is not for beginners. Transmitter for beginners is a transmitter that can be used directly without a lot of settings. Remember that you learn how to fly aided transmitter rather than vice versa, over time you will increasingly understand the need for a transmitter in accordance with the character of your fly.
There are four modes transmitter but only two are popular namely Mode 1 and Mode 2, mode 2 is usually the user with normal hand (dominant right) and throttle located on the left, while mode 1 is usually the left-handed (left dominant) and the throttle located on the right. To better understand refer to the illustration.
There are two ways to use the transmitter sticks:
The first two fingers (thumb and forefinger) position sticks two fingers clamped it.
Both with just the thumb stick position under the palm of your thumb.
I myself personally more comfortable with the first due to a faster drive and finger stick transmitter also not shifted from the sticks, while the thumb apart easily shift is also somewhat difficult to point backwards, but this is the choice of your habits so please try both.

Altitude (Very Important)
Pilot beginners usually afraid to fly high, and they will fly low, this is a mistake that is very fatal, yes I say so because ideally to learn it to be a high-flying, ideally try to fly higher with a minimum height of about 100mtr, later this will facilitate you learn orientation toward the plane, and when you lose control over the direction of a plane or make a mistake then you still have time to correct, if you compare to fly low.
As much as possible surrounding the air directing you or spinning away in front of you, avoid flying across your most novice pilot will maneuver the wrong direction when interfaced with the aircraft.

Aircraft fast indeed very pleasant but it also required quick reflexes, need to learn before you master this reflex, try to fly at low speed, not too low because the aircraft would be vulnerable stall (losing altitude), later on, the longer you will be proficient in reflex aircraft movements. ups ... so want to try his cobra movement Shukoi. :)


Before you fly the plane RC recognize and learn the functions on the plane including the electronic pilot beginners usually cannot wait to fly, but first try to do a last check before flying like functions aileron, rudder, elevators, motors and also the battery's capacity aircraft and transmitter.

Flying time depends on your habits, but an enjoyable time is early morning and late afternoon, when the sun is not too glaring but still do not forget to wear sunglasses and a hat, and stay focused on your aircraft during flight.


And no less important than all this is the location you fly, avoid flying close to tall buildings, tower / power cables, this is very dangerous. Try to get a region that has a low view is quite far (author screwy ... the hell of the desert). Avoid fly a plane facing directly into the sun, note the wind speed and weather conditions around the pitch, and when the wind was strong not determined to keep flying. And also a good idea to be accompanied by someone who already

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

Mustang P51D Warbird 2.4Ghz 4CH 29.5" WingSpan RC Airplane

History: One of the best, popular and delightful warrior flying machine of WWII, the P-51 was intended to satisfy a British prerequisite dated April 1940. Due to the quickly mounting billows of war in Europe, the UK requested that North American Aircraft outline and fabricate another warrior in just 120 days. The NA-73X model was delivered in record time, however did not fly until 26 October 1940. The main RAF generation models, assigned Mustang Mk Is, experienced thorough testing and assessment, and it was found that the 1,100-hp Allison motor was appropriate for low-elevation strategic surveillance, yet the motor's energy diminished drastically over a height of 12,000 feet, settling on it a poor decision for aerial battle or block attempt parts. As a result of this, the RAF left its eight automatic rifles in place, additionally fitted the Mustang with cameras. In this arrangement, it served in no less than 23 RAF squadrons, starting in April 1942.
Specification :
  • Ready To Fly (RTF), Complete Full 4 Channel (Elevator,Rudder, Throttle, Aileron), Electric Power (EP) Airplane Kit
  • 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology: better anti-interference ability, faster reaction speed, least power consumption
  • Light weight and durable EPO Shock-resistant material, allow more than 20 aircrafts to fly at the same time
  • Transmitter can connect to the computer through extra simulator cable (Not Included), work as a flight simulator or trainer
  • POCO DIVO is a registered trademark.
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Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2

UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2

 Ships from and sold by Red Rock USA.

  • 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft.
  • 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation. Video Camera FPV.
  • High Capacity Battery And Strong Power Motors Enable The Helicopter To Fly Much Longer And More Efficiently.
  • Charging Time is about 120 minutes while Flight Duration is about 7-9 minutes.
  • Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote Distance is up to 30m.
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Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

4 CH Freewing Red Stinger RC EDF Sport Jet ARF

  • 4 channel radio remote controlled jet (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder)
  • Constructed with EPO flex foam
  • Color schemes: Red and Blue
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Video Review :

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Great Planes Realflight G6 W/helicopter Megapack Mode 2

Realflight G6 is the latest release of on the the most realistic flight simulators obtainable for radio controlled airplanes. It includes the simulator, USB Interlink Controller (Heli Configuration - can be used to fly airplanes also - there is no ratchet on the left hand throttle stick, & the auxiliary buttens have been moved to match commn heli configurations), & the Helicopter Megapack. It offers a variety of realistic flying fields, water landings, hindrance courses - & even online combat against other players. A simulator is an excellent way to learn to fly radio controlled airplanes. It will over pay for itself because when you crash, in lieu of having to go buy replacement parts - you click a button & get back in the air! In the event you already own a compatible controller with a trainer port, you can connect it to the USB Interlink controller & use you own controller for actual stick time.

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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter

The new Syma S107 is a three channel mini indoor co-axial helicopter. This model comes equipped with a high grade metal body frame and a built in Gyroscope which is used to stabilize the helicopter's heading. This model is miniature in size and its light weight makes it astoundingly transportable. The S107 offers a wide infrared control and has a custom-made design for indoor flying. The S107 is controlled by a 32-Level high precision speed controller, which automatically stabilizes the rotor blade process for steady lift off. The S107 high precision propellers are powered by two solid motors with a third motor in the tail rotor to help over out the engine's full function. This model comes with a high capability Li-Poly battery which is nice for longer flight time, and can basically be recharged through the transmitter that is provided. The Syma S107 is a great model for all beginners, from children to adults.

Product Spesification :
  • Miniature size & light weight, New Green Color!
  • Super wide infrared control miniature design for indoor flying
  • 3-Channel Helicopter movement forward / backward / up / down / left / right
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